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Welcome to Lloyd's Boards and Bikes

We specialize in high quality electric longboards and bicycles that have been carefully selected to provide superior performance at a great value.  Our commitment to the latest technology available, higher amperage batteries and higher Watt motors, may cost more but will provide greater performance and longer life of our products.

Knowledge is Power: There are many components of electrical products that can impact the performance and price of your selection.  Please read our Knowledge Base page to understand our product quality for comparison shopping.



All of Lloyd's Boards and Bikes are manufactured with Lithium batteries instead of Lead batteries for the following reasons:

  • Lithium batteries are compact and weigh 75% less than Lead batteries.
  • Lithium batteries life cycle is 12-15 times more than Lead batteries.
  • Lithium batteries provide higher and consistent output over a single charge.
  • Lithium batteries cost more but the factors above improve the product’s performance and with the increased life end up making it a more cost effective option.

Many other skateboard and bike companies still use Lead Acid batteries because they are cheaper but their excessive weight, short cycle life, low power output, and outdated technology make them far inferior to Lloyd's Boards and Bikes.



Lloyd's Boards are manufactured with motors that properly match the motor’s output, Watts, to the intended use. A higher output on a longboard will greatly affect its acceleration, climbing and ability to handle rougher terrains. The best results of high motor outputs is often achieved with two or more motors as utilized on our all-terrain boards.


Our boards are available with brushless external motors or hub motors.  Many electric skateboard companies use brushed motors, but these older, cheaper and lower tech alternatives are not as efficient as brushless motors, but they’re also heavier and wear out far more quickly.  There are many advantages to brushless motors, including:

  • Longer Life-due to lack of brushes which wear quickly
  • 85% More Efficient-improves range
  • High Power Density-more power in a smaller and lighter weight motor
  • Quiet Operation

Hub motors are available on some models.  They are embedded within the wheel itself and will allow ease of kick-pushing, lighter weight and less maintenance but yo can sacrifice some power.


Lloyd's Bikes are manufactured with high quality brushless motors.


Longboard Remote

Our 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Remote with proportional speed and braking control will give a responsive ride both while accelerating and braking, allowing you to start and stop quickly! Its perfect size comfortable in your hand and it is rechargeable with any phone charger and usb cable (included). All remotes have 2 speed settings to match your skill level.  Complete instructions are included with the boards or a pdf can be downloaded here.


E-Bike Operating Manual

The manual is included with the bike.


Lloyd’s has a 30 day return policy. 100% refund if item is still new or 15% restocking fee if ridden. Buyer pays for return shipping.