3200 watt All Terrain Electric Longboard

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High quality custom made with both all Terrain and polyurethane tires electric longboard.  With its 6x2 inflatable tires, this board was made for riding on gravel or paved trails and will not get hung-up on a sticks or cracks in the sidewalk.  

MOTOR: 2x1600 Watt, 24 Volt Aeromodeling. The same high powered motors on our popular carbon fiber board. 

BATTERY: 36 Volt 8.8 Amp Lithium Battery, LG Brand Cells
CHARGING: 2-4 hours
WHEELS: 80mm, Polyurethane plus All-Terrain
TOP SPEED: 20 mph*
RUN TIME: 30-100 Minutes
RANGE: 8-12 miles*
DECK LENGTH: 36 inches, Wood
Bluetooth, rechargeable battery
MAX LOAD: 200-210 lbs
6 Month Manufacturers Warranty
Check-out our video: Lloyd's ELB 3200 Speed test

*Range and speed are impacted by many factors especially rider weight and terrain

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